The downfall of the House of Saud is at hand

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani:"The pseudo claimants of human rights and the useless international organizations have opted for silence to create a safe margin for the House of Saud but they should know that the downfall of this puppet of the Zionist regime is at hand."

dars kharej

According to the official website of Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani (may he live long), this dignified religious authority of the Shia world started his Kharij (advanced) lecture in the A'zam Mosque of Qom with a few words about the crimes committed by Aal-e Saud or the House of Saud. "The Saud tribal regime is a regime that came to power in a way characterized by the time of ignorance, and it is governing in a way which is even worse."

His Eminence went on saying that some of the crimes perpetrated by this regime recently involve the brutal and savage execution of a number clerics and youths.  He termed the silence opted by pseudo claimants of human rights and the useless international organizations as disdain and disgrace. He said the silence opted by these organizations is aimed at giving this family, the puppet of Zionist regime, a safe margin.

Referring to provocative actions by the US and Israel in the region, Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani said, "The United States, Israel and European countries fueled the flames of war in the region by selling their weapons to the Saudis allowing them to kill hundreds of innoect women and children in Yemen. However, the Saudis and their masters should know that by killing and massacring the Yemenis, not only will they not prevail but they are actually brining their own destruction and collapse closer.

Finally, His Eminence condemned the crimes especially the recent killings by this illegitimate and criminal Saudi regime.