“America’s measure against IRGC was sycophancy towards Zionist lobby"

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani condemned the US for labeling Iran's IRGC as a terrorist organization describing its measure against the IRGC fawning sycophancy towards the Zionist lobby”.

dars kharej

According to a report by the news agency of Ayatollah Noori Hamedani’s office, this great religious authority of the Shi’a world (long may he live) in his today’s Kharij lecture - held at A’zam Mosque in Qom - highlighted America’s malicious act against the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. He asserted that dignity and greatness is a prerogative of Almighty God and the faithful.

Pointing to the chronic enmity of of the US and West towards Iran, he added, "Since the victory of the revolution, the enemies, particularly the US have been confronting Iran rancorously  hatching several conspiracies against Iran, threatening to go to war and imposing sanctions but they have failed.

His Eminence went on saying that by relying on God, the Iranian nation has strongly continued to traverse its path of honor and dignity.  "Imam (Khomeini) said the arrogant powers will never realize the full intensity and depth of our power because the revolution’s power is based upon religious culture and spirituality to which the enemies are alien," he noted.

He further said that every nation and state that has been in relationship with Iran during the past forty years such as Iraq, Lebanon and Syria gained strength and independence but those governments that followed America and the Zionists like the governments of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Bin Ali in Tunisia, Saddam in Iraq and Gadhafi in Libya collapsed. These are examples suggesting the power and glory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. .

Ayatollah Noori Hamedani regarded IRGC as the real servants of the nation and revolution and said that for the sake of sycophancy for the Zionist lobby, the Americans listed IRGC as a terrorist group while IRGC, since its foundation, has always been at people’s service.

"This villainous act of America against the servants of the Iranian nation is condemned," he said. "Everyone knows that in any situation, IRGC has always been available to assist and serve the people. It was IRGC that confronted and prevented the US' dangerous conspiracy from spreading across the region by confronting its proxy ISIS terrorist group.

This great religious authority of the Shi’a world asserted, “We denounce America’s decision and support the Guard Corps and we know that day by day IRGC’s popularity will increase. The IRGC has always been of help to the oppressed and will stand against the imperial powers' conspiracies."