Serving people is not confined to a specific time and space

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani said that serving people is not confined to a specific time and space, and the best of people to Allah are the ones who serve people the most.


According to a report by the office of Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani, this great religious authority of the Shia world called on Reza Rahmani, the minister of Industry, Mine and Trade here in his office. Elaborating on the necessity of serving the Muslim society, he said, "As per the narrations, the best of all acts of worship is to be able to serve the society."

"In a luminous tradition, the Holy Prophet (S) said that the best of people to Allah are the ones who render the most services to people. Hence, whoever serves the public and does the most good to them will be loved by Allah, the Exalted," His Eminence said.

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani further added that the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade has a wide range of responsibilities to fulfill. He further added that those who serve people need to possess the necessary proficiency and managerial skills.

His Eminence further said that the authorities must understand and practice Imam Ali's letter to Malik Ashtar, his designated governor in Egypt. He said that the letter sent to him was the best manifest for countries. "In this letter, Imam Ali (AS) deals with trade and industry and says that those engaging in industry and trade must be treated softly and leniently and that people must be prevented from hoarding goods. As well, in this letter it has been emphasized that prices of goods should be based on justice and everyone's rights in this regard must be respected," His Eminence noted.

Addressing the attendants in this gathering, His eminence said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is known as a model in the world. "If the Islamic principles are acted upon, there is no doubt that we will be known as a model of justice for the entire world," he added.