We must show Shia's power to the arrogant powers during the great Arbaeen march

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani speaking to members of the Central Arbaeen Committee said that they should do everything they can to show Islam and Muslims' statement of power to the world.

Reis Setad Arbaein

According to a report by the office of Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani, His Eminence called on Zulfiqari, the head of Central Arbaeen Committee, here in his office. Thanking the members of the Central Arbaeen Committee, His Eminence said, "You have rendered a great and highly important service."

Referring to the political aspect of the great Arbaeen pilgrimage which is the world's largest annual public gathering, His Eminence said, "It is a pity that this ceremony is not exploited in as an appropriate way as it should; we must create a scene in Iraq where we can get 15 million people together and make use of two or three great orators to send out the message of the religion, truth and Imam Hussein (AS) to the world."

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani further stressed that Shia's power should be shown to the arrogant powers and people like Donald Trump. "It is necessary for Iraqi authorities and influential figures that when the influx of pilgrims is at its peak and when pilgrims make a mammoth gathering, we should display the great Arbaeen rally to the people of the world."

He said that planning and management are particularly important in Islam.  "The Holy Prophet (S) and Imams (AS) did show through their conducts how important it is to plan well. In the period of occultation of the Imam of Age (AS), a deputy of the living Imam must plan and manage things as best as he can," His Eminence said.

He went on saying, "At first, in every single matter , it is necessary to have proper management in place. Everything must be done under the supervision of a manager. All work must be evaluated, the points of strength and weaknesses must be identified and those who are sagacious and just must undertake the management of the task."

Elaborating on the cultural aspect of the Arbaeen march, His Eminence said that there should be arrangement and coordination during the rally so that the message of this great epic may be sent out and conveyed to the world.

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani further said, "The Central Arbaeen Committee should do everything they can to show Islam and Muslims' statement of power to the world. Therefore, necessary action must be taken in terms of management, economy and culture so that, hopefully, this ceremony is held more magnificently next year."